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Canal & River Trust – Bridge 87 Repairs

There are planned repairs to Bridge 87 on the Grand Union Canal (marked on the map below).

This work is now scheduled to start on the 1st February 2016. The works will be completed 20th April 2016.

The path over the bridge will be closed during the works, but a diversion route has been agreed with MK Council.

The works will mainly consist of coring and piling through the concrete bridge abutments, and so there may be some noise during site working hours (normally 8am until 6pm, although it will be necessary to stop working when it gets dark). There will also be some brickwork and surfacing works carried out.

Update 15th April

The Canal & River Trust project has encountered unforeseen ground conditions during the coring and piling operations through the bridge abutments. This has caused a significant amount of delay whilst they redesign the piling and coring works, and mobilise suitable plant and equipment.

Therefore, the construction programme has increased by approximately 6 weeks, which means that they will be finishing on site on Monday 6th June 2016. During this time the footpath over the bridge will remain closed.

The Canal & River Trust apologises for the delay in these works, and the effect it may have on you.

Canal Map

Canal & River Trust, First Floor North, Station House, 500 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1BB

Please visit the Canal & River Trust website to find out more about the Canal & River Trust and download the ‘Shaping our Future document’ on the About Us page

Community Asset!

Our favourite local has now been designated an asset of community value which entitles the Parish Council to have a say if it was ever closed down. Look for this sticker on the door.

Road Safety Improvements to H8, Chaffron Way, Woolstone / Woughton junction

A proposal to make road safety improvements to the H8, Chaffron Way, Woolstone/Woughton on Green junctions is being costed by Milton Keynes Council but  funding will be required from the various Parish Councils as the safety record is not bad enough to automatically qualify.

Drainage Works

The following drainage works have now been completed in Woughton on the Green

  1. The Green
  2. Newport road between the church and Baskerfield Grove
  3. Baskerfield Grove along Newport Road  past Goodman Gardens

The only remaining work is now to clean up the ditch the orchard.

Oakgrove School Consultation

Village Greens

Woughton on the Green Conservation Area Review – Consultation

The Parish council completed a review and consultation of the Conservation in Woughton on the Green under the direction of Milton Keynes Council who have responsibility for reviewing these on a regular basis. The original conservation area was designated in 1978 but has not been reviewed since, as required by English Heritage. A revised consultation area was submitted to Milton Keynes Council in January 2014. It is anticipated that Milton Keynes Council will complete their statutory consultation in 2016.

The report is attached below :-

Accident Reduction Plan for H9 Groveway – Consultation

The Milton Keynes Council Road Safety Team are consulting with residents on proposals to reduce accidents on the above road. There will be a public meeting at Simpson Village Hall on 1st April.

Groveway Junction  Drawing :- 



Casualty Reduction Measures report :-