Our parish is a unique and beautiful place. Any planning application should respond to this context. The parish has a variety of new and old buildings including many designated listed buildings within a Conservation Area and Ancient Monuments all interspersed by the creative legacy left by new town developments.

Consultation Process:

The parish clerk is notified by Milton Keynes City Council of new applications in our area. OWPC reviews the full list of planning applications at its bi-monthly meetings.

Details of these applications are issued via the public meeting agenda with discussion as appropriate. As a parish Council we can respond to the consultation by either:

  • objecting to the application
  • supporting the application
  • passing no comment

If you have any specific concerns regarding a planning application in your area you can make representations as a member of the public direct to the relevant Planning Officer at Milton Keynes City Council.

You can also contact your Old Woughton Parish councillor to discuss any specific concerns that you would like us to consider when we make our representations on the application.

Milton Keynes City Council also provide a useful website that allows you to keep track of planning applications and other information near to you:


The main Milton Keynes City Council Planning Hub is here.

Historic England have a useful page on their website, concerning the rules for making changes to properties within a conservation area, here.