About Old Woughton Parish Council

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Old Woughton Parish Council officially came in to existence on 1st April 2012. The parish was formerly part of the much larger Woughton Community Council. Independence was granted by Milton Keynes Borough Council on November 8th 2011 following a 2 year campaign by local residents and a parish boundary review.

 Our Ethos:

Our ethos is thus strongly embedded in the local community which is evidenced by the large numbers of residents who regularly turn out to PC meetings. We are highly service-orientated, acting promptly and appropriately to ensure our responsibilities are fully discharged in the best interests of its residents. We are passionate about preserving, enhancing and protecting our beautiful, semi-rural environment. In the wider realm we work enthusiastically with Milton Keynes Council, The Parks Trust, neighbouring parishes and other bodies. In addition to doing our business effectively and efficiently, we are also determined to do it economically and overall to give the very best value for money. To this end we maintain the very lowest, operational cost base that we can and our financial affairs are completely transparent and accountable.

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The parish comprises the areas of Milton Keynes known as Woughton on The Green, Woughton Park and Passmore. There are just under 400 homes in the parish along with a church, a hotel, a pub and a handful of small businesses. The Woughton Pavilion and sports fields are also located here. Approximately 60% of the parish is green space, including a village green and a section of the Ouzel Valley Park. Old Woughton Parish is the owner of one of the largest allotment sites in Milton Keynes.