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Mobile Library at Lucas Place.

Did you know the MK mobile library comes and parks at Lucas Place, Woughton on the Green every other Friday from 11:45 am to 12:15 noon.

Why not keep an eye out for it and hop on board the book bus and access the great facilities it offers.

Don’t have a library card? You can sign up on board.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of books as well as pink recycling sacks and other media available to borrow.

It is a very underused resource on our doorstep. Lets use it or we may loose it!

Happy reading.

More info:

Third Village Green Status achieved

At the March 2017 meeting of the MK Borough Council Regulatory Committee held in the Civic Offices, Village Green Status was granted to a parcel of open land in the parish of Old Woughton, adjacent to the existing Green, which already has village green status.  This was despite objections raised by the Parks Trust, who lease the land, and the owners, MK Borough Council. The applications had been made within the guidelines of the 2006 Commons Act of Parliament. The necessary time has now passed following the meeting, when an appeal could have been made and so village green status is confirmed.

This is now the third successful VG application following granting of the Woughton Park and Passmore village greens last year. The VG application was submitted by Woughton on the Green resident Philip Nash, also a parish councillor. At the regulatory committee meeting he and parish councillors Charlotte Hall and Andrew Humphries put the case to the committee. This followed  a campaign in which 68 residents had filled in questionnaires to support the application. Thanks are due to all residents who took the time to support the application and fill in the questionnaires. 

The main benefits of registering land as a green are to:

  • secure permanent recording of the land as a town or village green,
  • protect the land from development and other forms of detrimental activity by bringing the registered land within the protection of the nineteenth-century legislation under which it is an offence to build on a green or to interrupt its use or enjoyment by the local community,
  • secure the right of local people to enjoy the land for recreation in perpetuity,
  • give the registered land a new status as land for the community, to be valued and enjoyed,
  • ensure that existing and prospective owners are aware from the outset of the established recreational function of the land, so helping to avoid any future conflicts.

There is one more village green application, for the Orchard, that will be heard by the next Regulatory Committee meeting on the 6th September.

See original Village Green post here.

Patch Allotment Open Day 2017

On Saturday 10am 15th July the allotments threw open its gates for its 10th annual open day.

The marque was up the barbecues were fired up, the food was prepared and laid out.

The weather was overcast  and spitting rain, up till 12 noon when the sun come out, over 100 people attended and, considering the Wimbledon final was on that day, it was a good turnout.

At 3pm the raffle was drawn, there were twenty prizes to win. £127 was raised to put to the Association crowd founding project.

All Ages were there.

and the “boys” in blue.


MK Marathon 2017

Woughton Heritage MK50 Coffee Morning

On the 23rd January Woughton Heritage together with over 120 residents enjoyed a relaxing coffee morning to mark and celebrate the official 50th Birthday of Milton Keynes.

Visitors had the chance to view some of our material from the last two exhibitions and enjoy delicious coffee, cake and conversation!

A huge thank you to Mercure Parkside Hotel for their fantastic hospitality and generous welcome!

Further information will be available in the next newsletter about forthcoming events and key dates.  We will be meeting in February to start to plan our next exhibition which will focus on the development of the area since 1967.  If you would like to join the group, please contact us at:

Allotment Break In

Unfortunately there has been a break in at the Patch Allotments just off Newport Road in Woughton on the Green. It happened over the night of the 11th January. The hut, shop and storage container were all broken into and items stolen from each.

If anybody saw or heard any activity at the allotments that night, please contact the police using 101.

Budget 2017-18

Canal Towpath Repairs

Village Green Status Granted

On Tuesday the 5th July 2016 at a meeting of the MKBC Regulatory Committee held in the Civic Offices, Village Green Status was granted to 2 parcels of open space land in the parish of Old Woughton, south of Passmore and between Foxton and Castle Rose in Woughton Park. The applications had been made within the guidelines of the 2006 Act of Parliament. No objections were made by members of the public or the landowner (MKBC).
MKBC had been advised by their officers not to grant this status, having obtained legal advice on a disputed point in law, upon which they were unable to give evidential proof. Objections to this decision were put forward by councillors Judith Howson and Mike Blomley from Passmore and Stuart Bennett, retired councillor from Woughton Park.