Crime Prevention Advice against scam

Several incidents have been reported whereby elderly or vulnerable residents have been approached and befriended by people as a means of accessing their homes with the intention of stealing property or borrowing items which are not returned. The offenders use an excuse to engage residents in conversation and sometimes ask for a drink or to use the toilet as a means of gaining access to the house. Once in the house they continue their befriending act and gain the confidence of the resident before taking an opportunity to steal items or use that confidence to ‘borrow’ items which are not returned. The offenders have been a man and also often a female.    Residents are warned about this type of incident so that they can be on their guard if approached in unexpected circumstances.    If they are approached they should politely tell the person that they are not interested in any conversation and either close and lock their doors or if out and about seek an area where other people are so they are not isolated.    If someone is feeling threatened or intimidated they should phone the police on the emergency number 999. For all other enquiries, please call the non-emergency number 101.