Invitation to Watch members to show support for The Knife Angel in Milton Keynes

Dear Watch leaders and members across the Milton Keynes district.

Firstly, let me introduce myself: my name is Nick King and I’m the newly-elected chair of the district Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Our recent Members Meeting/Annual General was successful – a big thank you to those who came along and contributed – and what was just as important was the attendance by the senior Police team who showed their support for the work we all do. We have plans to build on this renewed partnership in 2023.

But at the moment I need your help.

I’m sure you’ve heard the very recent news that The Knife Angel is here in Milton Keynes. If you’ve not seen it, it’s impressive! (See picture below.) It’s made of about 100,000 bladed weapons and stands tall outside the MKDons Stadium at Gate One (near M&S, MK1 1ST) until early January.

The sculpture is a powerful symbol and represents the community standing together against violence of all forms.

This too, of course, is at the heart of much of the work we do together for Neighbourhood Watch.

We should show solidarity for this aspiration and I would like to invite you to join me and others at The Knife Angel on Sunday 18th December at 2pm for a few minutes to show support and for a photo opportunity.

We need strength in numbers so it will be wonderful if you can spare a few minutes to be there. Any questions you can email me at  or click on Reply at the foot of this message.

Nick King, chair Milton Keynes Neighbourhood Watch