Vehicle Defrosting Theft

With sub-zero temperatures you should expect your vehicle windows to be iced up in the mornings.

You  should also be aware that opportunist thieves could be on the look out to take advantage of a vehicle left while its owner is warming it up to defrost the windows.

It literally only needs a moment for a thief to have enough time to jump behind the wheel and drive off with your car.

The simple message is not to leave a running car unattended for any length of time whether it is left on your own driveway to de-ice on a cold winter morning or for example while you pop to post a letter.

Give yourself extra time to defrost all your cars windows and don’t be tempted to leave the car even for a few moments.

Modern cars are quite difficult to steal without the keys so criminals are looking for opportunities to steal the car with the keys. A car unattended with its engine running is a golden opportunity for a thief.

Potentially you could lose thousands of pounds because leaving your car with the keys available in this way may leave you uninsured for the theft!