Additional Security Fencing

In December 2017 another stretch of fencing at the Patch Allotments was replaced with secure 2.4 metre high anti-climb fencing. The fencing replaced was along the western boundary between the pedestrian gate and the southern boundary. This section of fencing was previously only about one metre high and despite the undergrowth outside it was known to have been the entry point for trespassers.


March 2022 Update

The whole of the north boundary alongside the public orchard has now had similar 2.4 metre high anti-climb fencing installed in two tranches. Most recently, all but about 50 metres of the east boundary from the orchard to the main gate has also had the same fencing installed. The Patch Allotment Association, who manage the site, plan to install new fencing along this final 50 metres of boundary in 2022.