Get involved in policing in your community

We’re starting 2018 by asking more members of the public to get active and involved in policing matters affecting our communities in Thames Valley.

We want you to have your say about what matters most to you – working with us to identify priorities and solve local issues.

You may remember that last year we conducted a Local Priorities Survey to try to better understand the issues affecting our local communities. You kindly completed this survey, indicating you might be interested in being part of a local group set up with the purpose of resolving local issues.

As such we wanted to let you know just a couple of the ways you can do this:

  • Community Forums: Open to all members of the public, Community Forums are held both online and in person at times to suit everyone. They let you have a say on what matters most to you, enabling us to work together to solve issues in your area. Watch our video for more information.
  • Independent Advisory Groups: Independently chaired by members of the community, IAGs meet four times a year and help shape the way we work and the service we deliver. IAG members represent their communities, sharing their views on policing issues affecting local people and challenging them when necessary.

You can register your interest in becoming a member of both of the above via the vacancies page of our website.

For more information about all the ways you can get involved visit our website or follow our #ActiveCommunities campaign on social media.