Month of Action Week – Focusing on Car Crime

TVP Milton Keynes Neighbourhood Team are having a month of action in December – each week we will be concentrating on different areas.  These include robbery, burglary, theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles. This week we are focusing on car crime. You may see increased high visibility patrols in your area whilst PCSO’s do leaflet drops.  Please report any suspicious persons or vehicles to 101 or report online via

Car Crime Prevention Advice:-

Sports utility vehicle Please don’t become a victim of vehicle crime this winter. Remember to allow plenty of time to defrost your vehicle and never leave the keys unattended with the engine on. Thieves will exploit any opportunity to help themselves to your car.

🚗🎁 Leaving presents in your car while shopping is a risky move. Avoid a holiday headache and protect your festive surprises from potential theft and ensure a joyous season by keeping them with you whilst you shop.

🔒 Keep your car secure! Keyless car theft is on the rise. Safeguard your vehicle by storing key fobs in a signal-blocking pouch like a Faraday pouch. Don’t make it easy for thieves. #P0260 #NHmonthofaction #CarSecurity #KeylessTheftPrevention 🚗🛡️