MKCC’s Electric Vehicle transport survey goes live!

MKCC is running a survey on Commonplace which we are looking for you to help shape our future Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy! Although the term is often mostly used to mean cars, there are other forms of electric vehicles. These include cars, bikes, scooters, and other modes of transport.

You will find on this webpage a variety of questions about different electric vehicles, why you use them, and how MKCC can improve your experiences whilst travelling in Milton Keynes.

These surveys are open to all and every resident, but also those who travel into the city often.  The survey goes live on the 4th September and will be running for 6 months until March 2024!

Please find the survey here: Have Your Say Today – Get Around MK: An Electric Vehicles Survey – Commonplace.

Why are MKCC conducting these surveys?

MKCC are conducting these surveys to get our residents’ and commuters’ views of electric vehicles and to help shape our future Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy. This strategy will provide MKCC with a roadmap for directing charging infrastructure investments in the City to suit the demands of our residents.

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy is being developed alongside a larger transport strategy piece. MKCC is preparing its 5th Local Transport Plan, which will look at plans for the next 10-15 years, tying in with core strategies such as MK Futures 2050 and the new City Plan. The LTP will look at how the network and transport in all modes might grow and change as the City does over this period.

The LTP will sit over other transport strategies and policies such as the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy, Local Cycling and Walking Plan (LCWIP) and the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP).

A number of surveys are being undertaken throughout Autumn in MK to understand more about resident’s views and experiences. Whether you live, work, study or shop in Milton Keynes, and however you currently get about in the area, please complete the survey and others on our website as we will need your views to shape the future of our growing city.