Coronation Big Help Out 2023

It was great to be able to mark the Coronation of King Charles III with a parish wide event, held on Monday 8th May 2023.


Threatening skies and sombre forecasts were held at bay with the Woughton on the Green microclimate winning through to ensure a dry day for us all. 


Folk music, swing dance, and the sound of the church bells filled the air. The whole place came alive as people started to arrive along the tree lined driveway decorated with bunting and flags. It was nice to see neighbours, friends and family gathering together in the historic setting of the hotel grounds and adjoining St Mary’s Church. 


Judging by the 20 pints of milk, 175 jam and cream scones, dozens of homemade cakes that were enjoyed and the long queues to ring the church bells, we think around 200 people attended across the day. 


The Big Help Out was a new addition with a focus on opportunities to volunteer with local groups and activities. Information and sign up sheets were dotted around to allow residents to find out more about how to get involved.


Quite a number of people signed up for the scouts, canal volunteers, and the bell ringers. One or two added their names to the litter picking and the Woughton Heritage group. Some groups were equally able to raise their profile and awareness of what’s available and what is needed in our area. For example, I was fascinated to learn about the Blind Readers service, with active volunteers in our Parish. 


If you want to find out more about volunteering locally, please contact us, your parish council. We run various activities ourselves for residents to get involved in, or we can let you know what is available more widely and will do our best to put you in contact with the right people. Volunteering is a great way to meet people and feel connected to your community.


As with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last year the involvement of the Scouts, Patch Allotment Association, the Church, and our local artists really enriched the day. 


Many thanks to all of the following who helped shape the Old Woughton Coronation celebration and make it such a success. Thank you to the residents who joined the OWPC organising group, Vicky Gladstone, Craig Barlow, Sam & David Bradford, Norma & Brian Baldwin, and Sue Dixon. Thank you to Sonny & Usaid at the hotel and the number of hotel residents who did some of the very heavy lifting with the tables and chairs.


Thank you all who volunteered and came along on the day, it was a great team effort and a memorable day. 


The big question is what next?!

 Cllr. Robert Grindley

Thank you to our partners and friends who made our Coronation celebrations happen!

The fabulous Swing Dance troupe from SWING DANCE MK. They have a Facebook page, and if you are interested in learning how to swing dance there is a Swing Union Dance school,

It was a pleasure to listen to our band ‘FreeFall’ – enquiries to

How super to see our LOCAL ARTISTS again and their beautiful work!

Thanks go to the WOUGHTON HOUSE HOTEL AND RESIDENTS for allowing us to use their grounds and providing tables and chairs.

The 1st Middleton SCOUT GROUP and Leaders who provided portable gazebos, tables and benches and brilliant activities!

ST. MARY’S CHURCH AND THE ‘TOWER TEAM’ – who opened their doors and welcomed guests to have a go at ringing the church bells… what a treat this was – and exceedingly popular!! They brought the event to a close with a beautiful quarter peal.

We are grateful also to the PATCH
ALLOTMENT ASSOCIATION (PAA) for putting up their marquees, delivering a raffle and bringing along some plants and good cheer!

…And finally and of course well done to our CORONATION STEERING GROUP of residents and Councillors across the Parish…..and our VOLUNTEERING leads who brought the ‘BIG HELP OUT’ to our celebrations and for all of the lovely YUMMY contributions for us all to share.


You can see below a selection of photographs from those sent in to us.

There are also a couple of photos from the Woughton Park Coronation celebration showing the cutting of the celebration cake.