Arrests Made and Tickets Issued Following Car Cruise Events In Milton Keynes

Thames Valley Police has taken action against a number of anti-social and dangerous drivers attending car meets in the city.

A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is in place in Milton Keynes prohibiting anti-social driving associated with car cruise events.

As the evenings have been getting brighter and warmer, more of these events have been returning to Milton Keynes. Local officers and dedicated roads policing teams have been targeting patrols over recent weeks to tackle those choosing to drive in an anti-social or dangerous manner.

In addition to these patrols, a mobile camera obtained in partnership with Milton Keynes Council allows officers to identify those committing offences and take action after the event.

Over the last two months, two arrests have been made, two vehicles have been seized, nine people have been informed of an intention to prosecute them for offences and 21 tickets have been issued.

Inspector Lee Brace from the Milton Keynes neighbourhood team, said:  “Car cruise events are a real concern for the local community and often lead to a spike in anti-social behaviour. Whilst not all those who attend these events are dangerous or anti-social drivers, these meets seem to attract this sort of behaviour.

“We have worked closely with our partners to help put the PSPO in place and continue to do so to tackle any negative behaviour at these events.

“We cannot always respond to all incidents on the night so reviewing camera footage helps us to identify offences after the event and ensure that action is taken.

“I want to warn drivers that whilst you may think that your behaviour went unnoticed on the night, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be hearing from us and be dealt with for the way you acted. I would particularly urge younger drivers to think hard about the impact a conviction or even a fine could have on their day to day lives.”