Queen’s Green Canopy

As part of the Queen’s Green Canopy project for the Jubilee, all parishes in Milton Keynes were offered ten trees to plant by Milton Keynes Council. OWPC took up this generous offer and requested our allocation. There was some delay in the trees being delivered and they didn’t finally arrive until May, well after the end of the usual tree planting season. In fact the trees were already in leaf and  blossom. They were also more mature than expected and rather large.

The net result of all this was a rush to get the trees planted and watered. There were some comical scenes as various means of transport were used to move the trees to their allotted planting locations from the two delivery locations, including the passenger seat of a convertible car! With the fantastic help of groups of volunteers, as you can see in the photos below, the trees have been planted in all four wards of the parish. The locations are identified on the map. You may have noticed them with their double posts and watering bags. If you are able, please top up the watering bags which provide slow release watering of the trees, essential for the first year, especially as they were planted so late.

This is the key to which trees have been planted at each location, as shown on the map on the right :-

  1. Baskerfield Grove/Adams Court – 2 x Hornbeams, 1 x White Willow & 1 x Lime
  2. Opposite the Swan – 1 x Lime & 1 x Flowering Cherry
  3. Patch Allotments  – 1 x Crab Apple & 1 x Flowering Cherry ‘Kanzan’
  4. Passmore by the memorial rose bed – 1 x Hawthorn ‘Paul’s Scarlet’
  5. The southern entrance to Woughton Park – 1 x Silver Birch

All of these trees will be identified on the map on the Queen’s Green Canopy website when it re-opens for new notifications again in October.