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Hi, I am a Director of VISAV Limited, the UK business that built and has been supporting the Neighbourhood Alert system for over a decade.  We enable public sector, safety and charity partners to deliver messages to help to keep people safe and informed.  Our partners include most of the UK Police services as well as many Fire and Rescue Services, Local Authorities and Neighbourhood Watch organisations across the UK.

A key principle with the service we provide is that your data is safe.  YOU control who can access your information, what messages you want to receive and you have the power to instantly change your permissions at any time.  What is very different to other platforms is that your data never leaves the UK, no data is shared to influence advertising (or other things), security is to audited government standards and everything we do is controlled by rigorous police data processing agreements.

To help us to ascertain how valued the Neighbourhood Alert system is to members of the public such as yourself, we periodically survey those who use this free service.  We try not to do this too often; our last national survey was two years ago but we are now at that time once again when I must ask you to provide your feedback.

Your participation is vital, not just to us as the builders and hosts of Alert, but to all the message sending organisations, as it assists them in determining how well they are fulfilling their remit to support their communities.  We all need to know if this system represents good value for money and in a world dominated by social media giants, what value, if any, you place on direct, private and secure communication.

This survey includes options to instantly update your account, opt in to a new national (and brilliant) Information Provider and a request to help us test the new Alert system we are building.

We realise that there must be many calls on your time but please take just a few minutes to give us your feedback, good, bad or indifferent and help us to continue to provide the service and shape the system for the future.

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Thank you for your help with this; we really couldn’t do it without you.

Best regards
Mike Douglas

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