Volunteer Opportunities

Community resilience is a key part of the Thames Valley Police Neighbourhood Review.
Organisations like the Joint Civil Aid Corps (JCAC) enable members of the public to be involved in actively supporting and developing their communities.
JCAC is a new emergency support organisation now looking to build an active body of volunteers willing to meet the needs of our communities and to provide support to our professional emergency services.
It is currently just in Milton Keynes but plan to expand outwards as development allows.
There are four elements to the Corps:

  •        The JCAC is the management organisation.
  •        Civil Aid Volunteer Corps (our operational arm).
  •        Community Resilience Volunteers (community-based support arm).
  •        The Civil Cadet Corps (youth arm).

 JCAC is looking for adult volunteers to help with its continuing development, from administrators to trainers, from professional trade specialists to people wanting to train in search and rescue, security and first aid.

To find out more information, email enquiries@jcac.org.uk

The JCAC website is www.jcac.org.uk but please note a new site is under construction which will include the Community Resilience volunteers (which the current site does not).