Allotment Shop

Two used shipping containers arrived on-site in October 2014.

One was provided to be used as a shop by the Patch Allotment Association (PAA).  Previously an old wooden hut on-site had acted as the PAA meeting room, tea-room and shop. The shop can now hold more goods more securely, and the hut has more space for meetings and socialisation.

The second container was provided to the Patch Allotment Association to securely hold an increasing amount of allotment machinery, spares and workshop space.

This picture shows the interior of the shop after renovation by the PAA.


Patch Allotments – Boundary Security

The first move by OWPC to strengthen the boundary of the Patch site was the purchase of 420 Pyracantha plants in late 2013. The majority of these were planted along the Western boundary, the remainder on short stretches of the North and East boundaries. This planting met with some success despite the boundary positioning meaning that trees external to the boundary fence reduced both light and rain falling on the plants.

During the Summer of 2015 new palisading was erected to both sides of the Western pedestrian gates and to one side of the main Eastern gate.  Additionally the gates at both sides were clad with palisading to increase their effective height to 2.4 metres.

Road Safety Improvements to H8, Chaffron Way, Woolstone / Woughton junction

A proposal to make road safety improvements to the H8, Chaffron Way, Woolstone/Woughton on Green junctions is being costed by Milton Keynes Council but  funding will be required from the various Parish Councils as the safety record is not bad enough to automatically qualify.