Assault on Peartree Bridge

Did you see assault on Peartree Bridge?

At approximately 6.15pm on Thursday (18/2), the victim was walking along the redway from Fishermead on to Peartree Bridge when three men approached him.

One jumped on the victim’s back and wrapped his arms around victim’s chest and shoulders while attempting to punch the victim numerous times to the face. As a result of this, the victim has fallen to the ground and a struggle ensued. The victim received no injuries from the unprovoked incident but was left severely shaken.

The offender is white, 5ft 7ins, of average build, in his mid-20s and has short messy light brown hair, and glasses with a thick black frame. He was wearing a thick black outdoor coat and dark trousers. He had a strong eastern European accent.

The other two men who were with the offender are white, and all three headed off in the general direction of Fishermead following the incident.

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