The Footpath that belongs to No One

The footpath down the side of St Mary’s Churchyard by Turpyn Court has regularly come up as somewhere that misses out on maintenance and the litter-picking schedule. Reports from Ward Councillor Peter McDonald and us frequently receive a mixed response from Milton Keynes Council (MKC) often with no action taking place.

We have been told that the footpath ‘does not appear on any of our maps’ (MKC) and we have established that the Parks Trust has no holdings in this corner of Woughton. Lately St. Mary’s Church Parochial Church Council (the PCC) also confirmed that their plans show the property boundary halts at the graveyard wall.

Presenting all this to The Head of Environment and Waste at MKC the Clerk was told that MKC would have to assume responsibility. They are now taking steps to see how to incorporate it into the litter-picking schedule as a start.

When we hear more we will keep you posted.