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Improving Urgent Care Services in MK – a consultation


Email received from Nicola Smith, Chair of NHS Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

I am emailing to announce the start of the NHS Milton Keynes CCG public consultation on the future of the urgent care walk-in service at Broughton Gate Heath Centre. The public consultation will last for 12 weeks from Monday 15 February to Monday 2 May 2016.

We are keen to make sure that services for local people offer the best care possible, in the most appropriate place, at the right time.

Alongside wider work in progress to look at the way we provide healthcare services in Milton Keynes, we have been looking at how we can integrate Urgent Care and GP out-of-hours with the local A&E department to deliver a better urgent care service.

The vision for urgent and emergency care provision must be for a system that is as straightforward as possible, with patients aware of and able to access appropriate high quality clinical care and support at the right time and in the right place.  By integrating urgent care service into a single point of access, urgent care services will be easier to navigate meaning that patients will see the most appropriate clinician at the right time.

We are also thinking about the walk-in service that is part of the GP-led health centre at Broughton Gate. The contract for this service will expire later this year so we want to think about what kind of walk-in service local people would like in the future. This includes where the walk-in service is, and what hours it is open.

The GP services provided at Broughton Gate health centre will remain as they are now; it is only the urgent care walk in service that is being reviewed.

It’s really important that we understand local people’s views when we make decisions about the future service.  You can have your say online at:

Printed copies of the consultation document and questionnaire will also be available and we expect to distribute them to GP surgeries, and a range of community settings over the period of the consultation. The consultation survey has a Freepost return address.

Public meetings will also be held during the consultation period where people can meet with health leaders and discuss their views. There is no need to register for the drop in events, just turn up between the hours of 3pm and 6pm to one of the following venues:

  • Tuesday 8 March 2016  at Milton Keynes Christian Centre, Strudwick Drive, Oldbrook, Milton Keynes MK6 2TG
  • Wednesday 13 April 2016 at Brooklands Primary School (Countess Way Campus), Countess Way, Broughton, Milton Keynes MK10 7HN

If you would like to be sent a printed copy of the consultation document, please call 0116 295 4183.

We would be grateful if you would take a few moments to complete the online questionnaire and also cascade the information about how to get involved in this consultation to service users, staff, family and friends who live in the CCG area.

Also, please feel free to send a letter or email with your organisation’s response to:


Your views are important to us and we do hope you will take part.

MK50 – Celebrating Milton Keynes’ 50th Anniversary

MK50 Brochure

MK50 Theme and Information Handout

MK50 – Celebrating Milton Keynes’ 50th Anniversary
On 23rd January 2017, Milton Keynes will celebrate its 50th anniversary marking the date of the Designation of the New Town. This gives a fantastic opportunity to celebrate how far Milton Keynes has come as a city, to present to the world its unique story, and to look to the future vision for what Milton Keynes will become.

For more information please read the attached MK50 Theme and Information Handout.

Canal & River Trust – Bridge 87 Repairs

There are planned repairs to Bridge 87 on the Grand Union Canal (marked on the map below).

This work is now scheduled to start on the 1st February 2016. The works will be completed 20th April 2016.

The path over the bridge will be closed during the works, but a diversion route has been agreed with MK Council.

The works will mainly consist of coring and piling through the concrete bridge abutments, and so there may be some noise during site working hours (normally 8am until 6pm, although it will be necessary to stop working when it gets dark). There will also be some brickwork and surfacing works carried out.

Update 15th April

The Canal & River Trust project has encountered unforeseen ground conditions during the coring and piling operations through the bridge abutments. This has caused a significant amount of delay whilst they redesign the piling and coring works, and mobilise suitable plant and equipment.

Therefore, the construction programme has increased by approximately 6 weeks, which means that they will be finishing on site on Monday 6th June 2016. During this time the footpath over the bridge will remain closed.

The Canal & River Trust apologises for the delay in these works, and the effect it may have on you.

Canal Map

Canal & River Trust, First Floor North, Station House, 500 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 1BB

Please visit the Canal & River Trust website to find out more about the Canal & River Trust and download the ‘Shaping our Future document’ on the About Us page

MK Cycle Hire Scheme

As you may already be aware following the press releases before Christmas, Milton Keynes is set to benefit from a new cycle hire scheme. The exciting project is jointly supported by Santander, Milton Keynes Council (MKC), Milton Keynes City Centre Management (MKCCM) and nextbike UK.

The scheme is expected to launch in Spring 2016 with up to 500 bikes and 60 docking stations around the city. Users will be able to hire bikes from any station on a self-service basis and can return them at any station. Whilst the hire tariff is yet to be confirmed, the fees will be affordable for both occasional and regular riders.

The Proposed Cycles


The bicycles are designed for maximum durability and ease of use. Our nextbikes can be found in 85 cities around the world and we’re confident that our users in Milton Keynes will enjoy the riding experience.

Each bike will feature the brand of Santander in recognition of the support provided – without which the scheme could not have been realised.

The Proposed Infrastructure


The proposed ‘smart bike’ system requires less infrastructure compared to larger systems that you may have seen (eg. in London). The solution was chosen for its flexibility and ease of installation. The groundworks required are minimal and stations can be expanded or relocated easily.

Each station will comprise a series of bike docks and ground plates plus a sign post providing information on the scheme including a map, prices and instructions. The size of the station will vary depending on the expected demand.

The exact design is currently being finalised and the image above is a representative visualisation.

Scheme Coverage Area

The station locations are currently being finalised together with Santander, MKC and MKCCM. We aim to launch with a minimum of 35 stations (phase 1) with a target of up to 60 stations.

The map below shows the proposed and preferred station locations which have been determined following extensive discussions and site surveys with input from all four parties involved.


The blue markers represent stations which we anticipate will be open on launch day and the yellow markers those that require permission or support from the landowners prior to installing. At this stage, this is being provided for information only and is subject to change.

You can view an interactive online version of the above map HERE:

The guiding principles behind the choices of locations are as follows:


  • Maximising access by covering as many estates and key locations as possible
  • Ensuring that density of stations / access is maintained to ensure that proximity to cycles is a comfortable walk within the coverage area
  • Citing stations close to densely populated residential and business areas and community meeting places where possible
  • Finding locations with sufficient space for installing and accessing stations
  • Visibility of the location
  • Security and safety of users whilst renting and returning cycles

Our objective throughout the station planning exercise is to maximise convenience and accessibility to the cycles for the community of Milton Keynes. We are very aware that individuals in some areas will be disappointed that scheme may not reach them, or perhaps not as fully as they would like. Prior to the scheme launching, and once live, we and our partners will be working closely with the community and we hope to grow and develop the scheme in time.

Comments & Questions

If you have any comments or questions about the project, please use the online form below and we will respond either by email or telephone.

Comments / questions form:

Useful links

Santander press release
nextbike UK website
Milton Keynes Council
Milton Keynes City Centre Management

Plan:MK’s Strategic Development Directions of Growth consultation

A 12-week consultation on Plan:MK’s Strategic Development Directions of Growth started on Wednesday 13 January on four possible directions of growth for the MK Borough.

The four options have been presented as a direct result of public comment


The four directions of growth were developed following a series of workshops held last year and a range of stakeholders, including members of the public were asked to discuss their priorities and ambitions for the future of Milton Keynes. These potential development options include development to the West, South-West and/or South of the present city, development east of the M1, intensification and redevelopment in the existing urban area, and one or more satellite settlements in the rural area.


Their feedback has been summarised in this consultation document and the Council is now asking for further comments from the public on these possible directions of growth, and asks if it should form the long-term plan for the Borough.

Feedback about what people think the overall ‘vision’ for Milton Keynes should be including any long term opportunities that could be encouraged is also welcome.


Additional information on Plan:MK and these development options can be found on the Council’s website at www.milton-keynes/

The consultation document will also be available in the local libraries and in other locations around the Borough.

There will also be events arranged throughout January, February and March when Planning officers will be on hand to explain the consultation and answer any questions you may have.


Comments can be made using the Council’s online consultation portal at, or emailed to,


Alternatively post comments to:

Development Plans Team

Milton Keynes Council

Civic Offices

1 Saxon Gate East

Central Milton Keynes


Milton Keynes Council Community Asset Transfer – Update


The latest news on the Community Asset Transfer programme. The document also confirms that the transfer of the Pavilion has been stopped.

December 2015 CAT Programme Update :- 


Accident Reduction Plan for H9 Groveway – Consultation

The Milton Keynes Council Road Safety Team are consulting with residents on proposals to reduce accidents on the above road. There will be a public meeting at Simpson Village Hall on 1st April.

Groveway Junction  Drawing :- 



Casualty Reduction Measures report :-