Entries by Philip

Water Borehole

A water borehole project is being investigated. The local water table as evidenced by a local well is quite high, and the Patch’s daily water requirement is well within the permitted daily amount of water one is allowed to extract. If the decision is taken to proceed it is anticipated there will be a saving […]

Plot re-staking

All the plots are to be re-staked with four corner posts.  Over the years many of the markers have broken or rotted resulting in some unclear boundaries. As plots are re-staked we are also re-measuring to confirm the many different plot sizes. The project has commenced, but the timing of inserting the stakes is very […]

Allotment Shop

Two used shipping containers arrived on-site in October 2014. One was provided to be used as a shop by the Patch Allotment Association (PAA).  Previously an old wooden hut on-site had acted as the PAA meeting room, tea-room and shop. The shop can now hold more goods more securely, and the hut has more space […]

Patch Allotments – Boundary Security

The first move by OWPC to strengthen the boundary of the Patch site was the purchase of 420 Pyracantha plants in late 2013. The majority of these were planted along the Western boundary, the remainder on short stretches of the North and East boundaries. This planting met with some success despite the boundary positioning meaning […]